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inspirer Mia

Feeding? That can take up to an hour and a half.
"No problem. For us it's completely normal," says Mama Jenny.
Not without my ventilator: Before every walk Jenny and Flo have to pack all the medical equipment.
Not without my daughter: Where little Mia is concerned, Papa Flo knows no limits.

Brave Heart to the Third Power

Sometimes Jenny and Flo ask themselves how they got through it all – heart defect, fluid in the lungs, tracheotomy, feeding tube…

Life did not get off to a smooth start for their daughter Mia. In the first few months, parents and child spent more time in the hospital than at home. »But when it’s your baby, you simply don’t think about your own limits,« says Flo. Mia, who has trisomy 21, is now with her parents at home, near Nuremburg.

She breathes with the help of a ventilator and otherwise needs special care. »Just feeding her takes an hour and a half per meal and before every walk we have to pack all the medical equipment,« says Jenny. »But we’re managing well and don’t know anything different. For us it has become completely normal.«

Even if Mia can live without ventilation some day, there are plenty of other challenges. Her mother Jenny says with confidence, »She’ll make it. She is simply incredibly strong.« You can’t help but think that she must have inherited her fighting spirit from her parents.

"She'll make it. She is just incredibly strong!" What Mama Jenny says about her daughter goes for herself too.
Tough times: Mia was almost always in the hospital during the first months of her life. Jenny and Flo gave her tender, loving care.
Down Syndrome! So what? On Instagram Jenny reports on her life with Mia – and tries to rid the world of prejudice.

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